Sunshine in Newcastle

Deana & Julia’s trip to Newcastle was made so much easier with the sunshine!

Arriving on 17th April with meetings booked that afternoon Deana went off to the College to see how young people could be involved… Julia met Ale Flanagan-Wood, the Arts Development Officer at NCC. Both great meetings and we came away with lots of great information! 18th April we ran two Eventbrite THINK! Sessions at 11am and 7pm – we had a good turnout too! Deana delivered two cut outs to the Globe Gallery and did a mini staff THINK! Session, these to cut outs might be a bit exciting!!! Then on 19th we travelled on the 54 Bus with a cut out to Bensham Grove to meet Chris O’Toole who kindly showed us around and introduced us to lots of great people! Another meeting with Newcastle Art Centre then delivery of the last cut out to Hype Tattoo Studio who are going to ‘ink’ their exhibit! The last Eventbrite session at 1pm before heading back to the East Midlands on the 16:35 train! Packed with THINK!ng and meeting lovely creative people… here are some of our photos…

#WCIB reports

Friday creativity at its best…

Book here for our great THINK! sessions… free to participate in, think about your own stuff… or use the sessions to think about being part of the Geordie Heroes Exhibition!

Thursday 5th April…

Busy day planned… meetings at 9:15, 11:00 & 16:00… we will visit The Discovery Museum, Geek Retreat Cafe, Eldon Gardens, Byker Estate… meeting a local police officer & housing staff & residents in Byker, a trainee journalist & museums programme specialist!

Three would be Heroes on their travels…

We are taking three ‘want to be heroes’ on the 6:16 train to Newcastle! They caused a bit of laughter on arriving on the platform, a lovely railway employee stopped and had a chat with us too! Watch out over next few days as we hope to give them a tour of the city!

Think-about today…

Celebrations around the world see people enjoying coming together, celebrating a common belief or tradition with people they care about… we wish everyone an amazing day whatever you decide to do today, do with kindness & love…

Creative juices flowing @ Derby Quad

Having a superb meeting with illustrator Stuart Dilks – taking our little character to a whole new level!

Clocks changing!!

25 Mar 2018 – Daylight Saving

When local standard time is about to reach

Sunday, 25 March 2018, 01:00:00 clocks are turned forward 1 hour to

Sunday, 25 March 2018, 02:00:00 local daylight time instead.

Sunrise and sunset will be about 1 hour later on 25 Mar 2018 than the day before.

TMC briefing on Cultural Education Partnerships

Had an interesting morning learning about how children and young people can experience culture in many different ways!