Thank you – 1080 times

On Tuesday 8 November 2016 Deana and Julia, our Directors were assisted in a massive feat by some rather special people including James, Kristiana, Amy, Katherine, Sarah and Christine.

What did we do to earn so many thank you’s?

9am -12.30pm,  Julia , Deana and James each devised a 15 minute presentation for Inspiration Day at King Edward VII Sixth Form. James focussed on being passionate about your career choice, Deana on how working for a charity and within a community can be rewarding in many ways and Julia on her advice for preparing for job applications and CV and tips for interviews. Then Deana and James had 250 students in a Q&A session – being in the spotlight and inspiring with their tales.

Not forgetting two workshops designed and led by NWLDC’S Bobby Gill on Project Management and a whole lot of other really interesting things he found to share, whilst Sam Outama was sharing all about careers in IT. We admit, they did sort of get roped into this by us, so we also owe them some thanks too! Bobby was a star on the Q&A session too!

9am – 3.15pm,  whilst this was happening 180 children at Newbridge School were having their Environment Day, which had Kristiana and Amy making boxes from waste paper [ideal for small presents] and how to recycle old t shirts into lovely fashion items, in another room Katherine was bringing archaeology to life with her take on digging up old stuff; finally Sarah and Christine were sharing soup [ guess the veggies] and making fruit and veg based smoothies [ getting more than 5 a day ] not forgetting a quick heritage tour of Coalville Heroes!


6.15pm – 9.15pm, Julia, Deana and James were with 21 amazing teen drop in club members at the Greenhill TARA supported youth group.  Jeanette the Chair of Greenhill TARA welcomed us to her group and along with NWLDC’s Justin O’Brien and Sue Ross we bounced around ideas, did some animation, made more boxes, more smoothies and came up with ideas that would be good enough to entertain them… now planning something exciting in December!

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