George Smith Exhibition and Installation

Thank’s to Arts Council funding and sponsor ship from Mander Cruickshank the George Smith experience in Coalville is game on!! Artists Daina Groza and Rhianne Burgess created an exhibition in the market which is exciting, innovative and thought provoking.  Newbridge School children provided the art work and North West Leicestershire District Council the support. Thanks also to the Coalville Heritage Society and Terri Eynon for the historical information and to all the volunteers that have helped!

The exhibiton starts back in time…Step into George’s shoes and experience his life, then zoom to the present and nominate your own hero or take a leaf out of George’s book and dream, finally, with the future in mind, make a hero pledge, what difference are you going to make?dd

Everyone welcome. Activities for all ages. Feb 17 and 18 th in Coalville Market. Will exend to next week for local school visits.


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