We had a Thinking Day…

What’s a Thinking Day, you may be thinking.

It goes a little like this

  • choose the goal
  • check how likely you are to achieving it
  • explore all the possible ways you could get to your goal
  • consider who else might be able to help and why they may want to
  • explore all the possible barriers or obstacles you might have along the way
  • prioritise the possibilities
  • remove or reduce barriers
  • make  plan – your task list
  • define your goal – it might have changed after all this thinking
  • check how likely you are to achieve it now you have completed your thinking
  • share your goal
  • take personal responsibility for getting the results you want

We are lucky in that we use this to help us


Our good friends at Go MAD Thinking gave us lots of training in how to use this and then agreed to support us taking their business tool into schools and communities.

Watch out for when we start offering to show schools and community groups ways they could access our THINK! tools, specially adapted from the business models that so many large organisations use with Go MAD Thinking.

If you are a business reading this and you want to know about the corporate offer direct from Go MAD Thinking you can check them out here http://www.gomadthinking.com/








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