Leicester University students visit Coalville

We are supporting students with their 3rd year Geography degrees by hosting a field trip in Coalville!

Base will be set up at CEP Ltd on Market Street where lunch will be provided at CK’s which uses food destined for landfill or surplus to stored requirements… we are hoping it doesn’t snow!

You may see students around the town, asking questions and taking photos or videos… here is an explanation of what they are doing..

Students from the University of Leicester are visiting Coalville and surrounding areas as part of a third-year undergraduate module entitled Critical, symbolic and emotional rural geographies

The fieldtrip is structured around students undertaking a group research project on one of six projects ideas they have been given. These projects are on the following topics: i) farm diversification; ii) mining heritage and rural areas; iii) market town regeneration; iv) place identity; v) the National Forest; and vi) migration and ethnicity.

Students will be working in groups to research one of the projects listed above.

Towards the end of the fieldtrip the students will be creating some videos and a game based on which they have found out during the visit.

Contact Information.

Professor Martin Phillips, School of Geography, Geology and Environment, University of Leicester, Leicester LE1 7RH (Email: mpp2@le.ac.uk; Tel: 0116 2523886)

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