What do you get if you travel 530 miles, walk over 30,000 steps, deliver 32 MDF life size human cutouts, facilitate 2 maker sessions and get to chat with hundreds of lovely people…

…a long weekend in Newcastle creating a Geordie Hero exhibition of course..

Thanks to Kristiana Groza for volunteering all weekend and working really hard – some days without a proper break for 12 hours!. We made the most of having the car and visited some local landmarks including the Angel of the North and Druridge Bay on the way back.

This time last week all 32 cutouts cutwere being cut and sanded in Packington at Caltef Design – well done and thanks to Will for completing them with a painful back! They are all now safely in the hands of over 20 organisations and local groups in the Newcastle / Gateshead  area – we hope they are busy deciding who their heroes are and cant wait to see them.

We had the pleasure while we were there to help create the first two –  one for the Globe which includes public nominations for Geordie  heroes and one working with the charity Hope and their street friends.

Myself and Kristiana had a humbling experience helping to create the cutout on the street on Saturday evening beteeen 7 and 11.30pm. The Geordie Hero was Hope – a charity dedicated to helping homeless people get back on their feet. One young man said ‘Hope is Everything’ which we think said it all. The cutout was partly covered  with mini envelopes – some with a lock on and others with an open lock. It is envisaged that the public attending the exhibition can take out and read the messages or information placed inside. A young man named Arran had the idea to do a survey of visitors to raise awareness and get people thinking about homelessness, he,  helped by Kristiana has put together a short questionnaire which will be used in the exhibition.  You’ll have to visit to see the rest… 25August to 1Sep you can see the whole exhibition at the The Globe Gallery.

Pics attached from our busy weekend. Hope you enjoy.. Deana



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