Local Heroes start to arrive at The Globe Gallery…

Advance Team Story – Julia arrived in Newcastle about 11.30 am straight off to meet Rashida at the gallery, the place looked so empty and expectant! A few exhibits had already been delivered and they looked a bit lonely. Soon after Cal arrived to offer his services for the day. Cal has been a great volunteer with the whole project, we really appreciate his help! The advance party was in place! Firstly, some painting to finish, we helped move a few things around and then towards 2 pm the first big delivery arrived… around 15 exhibits arrived courtesy of Tom and the team at Prince’s Trust. The team had done a pick up route across the city, meeting the groups that had created the exhibits, carefully getting them into the minibus and then unloading them. In no time the gallery started to fill up.

Here are a few of our photos, Cal took lots more with his super duper camera, so we will upload these later!

Asking for ideas for the layout of the exhibits there was a good discussion with lots of suggestions, a couple of the Prince’s Trust young people came up with the layout, the exhibition started to take shape… they then started to create the first couple of balloon decorations for us, when the next delivery of exhibits arrived with their second team.  As it was raining, everyone got involved in getting the exhibits quickly and safely into the gallery. We most certainly would not have managed without the help of all these lovely young people and the Prince’s Trust staff involved. You can find out more about the things they offer here Prince’s Trust Newcastle

The comments from the young people were good to hear, they all had their favourites and they also explained which were their own creations and why they chose that person as a Geordie Hero!

Cal and I had an our first go at making balloon decorations, metres of curly tape and 50 helium filled balloons – what could go wrong! Thanks to Marty, the galleries technician, the strays from the ceiling were recovered! Cal was also keeping the balloons away from the lights… those balloons seemed to have a mind of their own!

Deana, and our willing volunteers from Leicestershire, Kristiana and Alison arrived in our new van, filled with all our useful stuff. They stopped off enroute to collect a few more exhibits they had collected along the way, including Captain Cook and The Showman’s Guild! Here are their photos… thank you to Alison who took the photos!


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