Opening Night – Thank You

Opening Night – Saturday 25th August 2018

Deana & Julia and all the volunteers were really pleased the see the Exhibition open with so much support from the people who believed in their idea that a ‘community could curate an entire exhibition’, with some THINKing tools shared along the way.

People were asked to identify their local hero; past of present, real or imaginary, the only criteria was that they had to be willing to share their reasons for choosing that hero and making an exhibit to represent the hero. The life size cut out we provided to each of  the groups was the starting point, once issued, they encouraged hands on & THINKing creativity!

As the exhibits started to be made, we did get a few sneaky peeks! However, apart from the local hero name we didn’t know how the exhibits were being made, or who was making them.

Last night we met many of those talented people and we hope over the next week we meet many more. What we saw and heard over the evening was in many ways what we felt when we first came to Newcastle, we met friendly, warm proud people, with many skills, with a passion for what it means to be Geordie and a warm welcome for those people not born  a Geordie, we found the space in Newcastle to feel Geordie.

We travelled up on the train 7 months ago  and said to each other ‘what if nobody likes us’ now we are thinking, ‘how can we continue here with our new Geordie friends’!

We were overwhelmed with the diversity and creativity on display. Each exhibit held something special for us and visitors to find, either the hero themselves, their actions or their legacy – the sense of pride, of being a Geordie*

*we know that at least one Mackem and one Smoggy were in the exhibition – we felt being inclusive was important’

Some named thank you’s

Cal, your willingness to ‘muck in’ with anything that needs doing is now legendary! You can add balloon decorator to you list of talents!

Ian, Chandler, Alison and Kristiana who have all volunteered to be part of the team! You always amaze us with what skills and enthusiasm you have. We know we have an expert ‘colour applications Director’ in Ian. Chandler and Kristiana created some fabulous boxes with lots of thought. Alison turned her hand to so many tasks, labelling the exhibits being vitally important!

Rashida, Marty & Colin for all the set up and access to the Globe Gallery – you all provided so much more than we had anticipated

Tamara, Paul, Maciek and Bruno for being there to see it all first hand and saying you were pleased with what had been created and capturing many of the comments being made in film, we can’t wait to see the results!

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