Geordie Heroes Exhibition – Tell us what you think…

Thank you to the 300 plus visitors we have had since our opening night. We know it has been a busy weekend, what with the Bank Holiday, football and Mela all happening!

We have a paper feedback form which arrived midway through the opening night, so you may not have had the opportunity to complete it. We can now offer an online version. So if you have missed out on the opportunity to fill a form in, here is your chance.

In addition, if you took part in any of the last 8 months worth of meetings, attended an Influencer Day, been part of our Geek Retreat THINKing sessions – we’d like your feedback in any way you’d like… send us an email, fill in the feedback form, send us photos or videos… just let us know whether you think our style of community engagement through creativity and THINKing tools works or not!


Please can you click the link below to give your feedback. We value getting feedback for two reasons, we like to know that what we do is on the right track [if it isn’t we like to find out how to improve things] and we like our funders to be happy with what has been achieved.

This is the form which our funders have asked to be completed

Feedback Form

Alternatively, you might prefer to give feedback via here


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