Having a conversation that matters…

On Bank Holiday Monday I had the pleasure of meeting two ladies in their 80’s at the Geordie Heroes Exhibition. Over a cuppa I had the privilege of hearing about life in the North East. We covered childhood wartime chocolate rationing to the new bridge in Sunderland! We covered life and death, family and friendships and possibly the best part was hearing tales about travel and adventures these ladies had. They shared tales of their honeymoon trips to a B&B in Blackpool, to more recent cruise ship escapes. travelling with husbands, family and now in later years as friends. They called themselves ‘Wearsiders’ not Geordies! There is something very honest about their stories, it made me realise that these ladies are local heroes – they had explained how they supported people in ‘the street’ when they had bad times, how community existed then and still does today. They made me [and everyone else] laugh with a tale about a brother called Richard, often referred to as Dick, a young nephew who thought his great auntie was being rude and how after many years as a ‘Dick’ the brother was now referred to as ‘Richie’!

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