Geordie Heroes Exhibition @ Central Library, Newcastle


We are moving all the exhibits from The Globe Gallery on Pilgrim Street from 2 September 2018 until 5 October 2018. Once installed in the Library, there will be a trail to locate them, we are in the process of getting the printed leaflet that will tell you who the exhibits are and who made them. Each exhibit will have its own identification tag on it, they are numbered #1 to #50

We hope you will take time to look at the exhibits and we would love to get your feedback on them, the exhibition as a whole and what it says about being a Geordie!

If you are unable to get to the Central Library, you can still explore the exhibition by going to our Exhibitions tab, then hover over Geordie Heroes will take you to the gallery, where you can see each exhibit in photo format and the exhibit information that relates to it. You are most welcome to complete the above feedback form if you wish.

Please use the contact form below to give your feedback from the Library Exhibition!

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