Advance warning for next week – the Fantastic Fifty Females are coming to a Co-op near you !!

So what is it with these 50’s!. Fifty Geordie Heroes, Fifty Fantastic Females – its becoming a theme … and all because of the Famous 50! Well, whether we keep on helping to create ’50 Exhibitions’ or not – there is one that will be well worth a visit that starts next week!

So, from Friday 14th September the Fifty Fantastic Females will be gathered at the Co-op in Coalville (Bridge Road), and thereafter whenever the store is open until the end of December.

On the Thursday September 13th at 6pm there is a talk by Peter Barrett about his grandmother – ALICE HAWKINS – the Leicestershire suffragette that had a statue erected in Leicester City Centre earlier this year. All welcome – free to come along and free refreshments too.  You might get a sneak preview of some of the exhibits!

We are hoping to generate a value from this exhibition too – you will remember that we had a public vote and ‘COMRADESHIP’ was the value that the public decided depicted the Famous 50, well what value will the public decide upon for the Fifty Fantastic Females.

Please share this flyer with family and friends – all the people involved have gone to allot of trouble to design and create their exhibit – and we would love for lots of people to come and have a look.

For our new friends in Newcastle we will have a gallery up soon.

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