We are proud to announce that we have won an incredible award ! The Rural Community Council’s “Outstanding Impact” Award 2018.

We know that it is not really ours – but everyone that has; worked with us, volunteered, got involved, created exhibits, provided space, let us practice on them, given us resources, used our THINK! Tools, funded us, guided us, inspired us, believed in us,  and helped us… Far too many to name – so THANK YOU ……

We are chuffed to bits – and busy thinking about what next?? We don’t want to rely on grants – so how might we be more sustainable? We know the THINK! Tools work – how might we share them more widely? We like to have fun and create inspiring exhibitions – who might we work with next? We have made incredible contacts and new friends so far – what might we do to keep in touch?

Just a few thoughts for now – if you are interested in knowing a bit more about what we do here’s a sway to help… CLICK HERE

We are looking for like-minded organisations and individuals to work beside, to work together and to get involved. We

are supporting a THINKing Revolution – Who’s In?

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