50 Geordie Heroes.. gallery

Welcome to the Gallery page for the Geordie Heroes Exhibition.

All the Heroes were picked by the groups involved and created between May and August 2018.

They represent a diverse range of people from Stacey a dance school teacher, to William Harbutt the inventor of plasticine to flood wardens, father’s, mum’s and everyday heroes!

They were exhibited at the Globe Gallery for a week at the end of August 2018. From Sunday September 2nd until Friday October 5th you can find them in the Central Library.

You are invited to join in the ‘finale weekend’ planned for St Marys Heritage Centre Gateshead October 6th and 7th.

Thanks to Cal Desmond-Pearson for taking all the photographs. You can download them on pdfs – see links below. Or all the individual heroes are in the gallery below.

We hope that you enjoy. Any comments or suggestions please email on info@theheroproject.org.uk

Geordie Heroes  1-10

Geordie Heroes 11-20

Geordie Heroes 21 -30

Geordie Heroes 31-40

Geordie Heroes 41-50