Ian Wilson

Ian joined the team in September 2017 and brings his expertise into the team. A co-operative practitioner who is passionate about employee and community owned businesses, working alongside them to change and grow, to be able to achieve their goals in a changing world. A calm, flexible and thoughtful approach allows me to understand the needs of clients. Will always start from the people involved and work out how best to work alongside them to achieve their goals. I will only work with an enterprise if I believe I can make a positive difference. If I can help I will, if I cannot I will try and find someone who can. Specialities: Enjoy strategy, helping people step back and think through where they want to go and what they want to achieve. Community shares and employee ownership. Working with co-operative & social enterprises to plan for growth, successful change; coaching and advising boards and decision makers.
Member of Leicester and Leicestershire Enterprise Partnership Business Board.
Have a few qualifications, associate membership, registrations & most importantly testimonials which suggest I know a little about what I do.