We encourage people to volunteer in any of our activities. Many of our festivals, community exhibitions and events wouldn’t happen without volunteers.

If you would like to volunteer with us you can contact 

Julia on 07949 243378 or Deana on 07974 260453 for a chat.

All volunteers are welcome especially those that have need additional support due to physical or mental health challenges. We work with you, when you are available and in ways that you feel comfortable with. 

We will support you through offering our training and development programme.

Volunteers have provided a variety of skills including

  • setting up tents and gazebos at festivals20170819_122025
  • providing artwork


  • guides at events


  • game players and leaders


  • talking to people at events


  • making phone calls
  • handing leaflets out at event
  • creative writing


  • photography and film making
  • making things [practical skills]



  • geocaching
  • IT skills
  • web design