We’ll provide the Headtorch….

Coalville Market, sounds, lights and the Famous 50! Local people and businesses have come together to help us create this immersive experience. (In less than 10 days with very little budget!)

Starting with the mining heritage of (most) of the Famous 50, progressing into the trenches of WW1, with a chance to pop into the Thinking Booth to hear some of the poetry that has been written, leading into the main exhibition area you will have a chance to explore the Famous 50 in a unique way.

All you need to do to turn this idea into a reality is turn up..

We are looking for people that can help steward on the evening..

Please share and spread the word. There is only only chance as the exhibition closes on the Saturday after.

Watch this space for future plans..

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Free Art Friday

20171113_185147Thanks to year 6 Hugglescote Primary, Darren ‘The Graffman’ artist and the Famous 50 we were able to create minature art keepsakes to give away in the community.

Using the recycled spray paint cans the children completed their piece of art, wrote their  unique label- one for each soldier- and left them in the community at specific locations using the Famous 50 map in Coalville Market.

To decide where to hide them they all researched one of the Famous 50 using census information and extracts from the book 50 Good Men and True written by local author Michael Kendrick and had a visit from local historian Clark Robinson.

“The children really engaged with this project – its brought their research to life and there was real purpose behind it” said their teacher.

Literacy, history, pshe, geography, art and design, are just some of the subjects covered without the children really noticing. Now they are seeing their soldiers get new homes all over Coalville – with people uploading their finds to our Coalville Heroes Facebook page.

So far 10 out of the 50 have been found. There are 40 more out there….

We had a Thinking Day…

What’s a Thinking Day, you may be thinking.

It goes a little like this

  • choose the goal
  • check how likely you are to achieving it
  • explore all the possible ways you could get to your goal
  • consider who else might be able to help and why they may want to
  • explore all the possible barriers or obstacles you might have along the way
  • prioritise the possibilities
  • remove or reduce barriers
  • make  plan – your task list
  • define your goal – it might have changed after all this thinking
  • check how likely you are to achieve it now you have completed your thinking
  • share your goal
  • take personal responsibility for getting the results you want

We are lucky in that we use this to help us


Our good friends at Go MAD Thinking gave us lots of training in how to use this and then agreed to support us taking their business tool into schools and communities.

Watch out for when we start offering to show schools and community groups ways they could access our THINK! tools, specially adapted from the business models that so many large organisations use with Go MAD Thinking.

If you are a business reading this and you want to know about the corporate offer direct from Go MAD Thinking you can check them out here http://www.gomadthinking.com/