Coalville Heroes

cropped-pen-racer-empty.jpgCoalville Heroes

On 3 June 2016, Deana Wildgoose and Julia Burkin committed their passion and expertise for the next 18 months to the Coalville Project, an initiative supported by North West Leicestershire District Council. The will work closely with existing providers and organisations to promote Coalville as a great place to live, learn, work and play.

You can contact us through our contact page, we do want to get your Coalville Mail as your ideas can inspire us to really meet the community’s needs!

Food Heroes

Food Heroes – getting Coalville gardens and open spaces producing food, sharing it and enjoying it within the community. This will include mapping all the amazing places the community is growing, where groups are hosting meals and other food activities like cooking classes and healthy eating schemes.

Future Heroes

Future Heroes – getting young people engaged in their community in lots of different ways – we expect this group to cross into our Food Heroes and our Heritage Heroes groups quite a bit. We want the heroes of the future to see that anything is possible and we will be working alongside some inspirational people from the area, in business and sport.

Heritage Heroes

Heritage Heroes – celebrating Coalville’s’ rich history and its knack of being the ‘first’ to do something! We want to capture the passion for the history from the people that can share their tales, photos and memorabilia making sure the next generation can see what an innovative place Coalville has been and will be in the future.