Famous Fifty Exhibition

The Famous 50 Exhibition – based on the book 50 Good Men and True by Michael Kendrick the Famous (or First) 50 left Coalville on 31St October 1914 for WW1.

Out of the 50 that left only 22 returned.

This exhibition was created with 50 different groups and schools in the Coalville area in November 2017 where it started in Coalville Market. It includes a life sized cut-out of every soldier.

The exhibition moved to the Co-op on Bridge road in Coalville in January 2018 and has been on various ‘manoeveres’ all over the place. So far it has had 9000 visitors !

Currently in Moira in 10 venues, it is about return to the Co-op before all 50 return to Hugglescote for the anniversary events.

In December it them moves to Atkins Art Gallery Hinckley for a month.

It recently won the Celebrating Anniversaries Award at the Leicestershire and  Rutland Heritage Awards and was instrumental in the Hero Project winning the ‘Outstanding Impact’ Award at the Leciestershire and Rutland Rural Community Council Awards.



If you are interested in hosting a soldier as part of a commemorative Geocache series please contact Deana @ deana@theheroproject.org.uk 

Click on here to the Geocache Association of Great Britains Geocache page


Current Location – Moira

Click here to download the booklet Famous Fifty on Tour Moira pdf

Click here to download an excel sheet with more details on each of the soldiers famous 50 excel update sept 2018

Here’s where you can find them Famous Fifty onTour Moira summary places

Here’s the full list with locations – Famous Fifty on Tour Moira information

Heres some more info .

Famous Fifty on Tour Moira detail and contacts

This page is where you can find out so much more about Coalville’s Famous Fifty. The first 50 volunteers in WW1 to set foot on French soil. These men are the subject of a book called Fifty Good Men and True by author Michael Kendrick.

They were part of a project with Century of Stories who sought out local involvement of the community from where these men came from for individuals to respond to their stories. The Hero Project CIC helped by hundreds of local people created an exhibition – The Famous 50 which has to date (June 2018) had over 5000 visitors.

The local Council, British Legion, Central England Co-operative, Once We Were Soldiers and lots of local volunteers all made this happen – so thank you …

On 11 November 2017 they assembled in Coalville Market Hall – along side the trenches, the bunker, the poetry wall, the Thinking Booth, Coalville Electric Theatre, and other spaces and had over 3000 visitors in the first two weeks. In December they moved to the Coalville Coop and on January 4th there was an official opening (Click here to link to film).

They have been on lots of tours already in 2018 – including a short visit to the Hepworth Wakefield as part of a public engagement conference – 2 weeks at Ashby, St Helens Church, and then to Market Bosworth Art festival. They have just returned from Wigston and are now in Moira before returning to Coalville and Hugglescote in October. In December they are on their travels again to Hinckley – this time to an art gallery!

Links to films – see The Hero Project TV on youtube for more…