Fifty Fantastic Females

Fifty Fantastic Females – WHICH VALUE EQUITY or INNER STRENGTH ?

Fifty Fantastic FemaleS #FFS is our latest Exhibition which is celebrating Rights of Women Centenary 1918-2018 and other amazing things – all female of course!

From Friday September 14th to December 31st 2018 the Females will be in the Co-op at Coalville (Bridge road). You can find a list of all of them here.

List of all the Females and Groups involved 


Thanks to Chris North for making this little film for us …

Come and do some THINKing!

You can also come and play with giant the THINK! Tools that Graphic Packaging International have made – we have the THINK! Framework, the Elephant Story and other THINK! Tools made out of giant boxes.  If you have an idea for a project or activity – this might help THINK about what you need to do!

We also have a Thought Sorter to help with those hindering thoughts* – to help to turn them into helpful ones …

(* Hindering Thoughts are thoughts that don’t help you move towards what you are trying to achieve, Helpful Thoughts do help you to move towards what you are trying to achieve)

Download the free activity sheets here ..

Wordsearch THINK!

Design – a Thought Sorter Machine 

Design – a Generator Machine

Values Matter

You are invited to get involved in deciding the ‘value’ that represents the Females – we have whittled hundreds of suggestions down to the following three …


Which one do you think it should be send us your choice on facebook or email, or add your vote direct on the values wall in the Co-op.  When we get down to two we will do an online poll!

Last year as a result of the Famous 50 Exhibition we added COMRADESHIP to the five British Values.

Download free worksheets here …

Wordsearch Values


Worksheet Values Matter – possibilities

fantastic females Exhibition Sept - Dec 2018