Building Stronger Britain Films – Newcastle Project

We are proud to be part of this project… we are providing the opportunity for people to identify their own local heroes and make a life size cut out… these cut outs will then come together in Newcastle City Centre in a city wide exhibition the first week in August 2018… could you be involved?

Calling out to Coalville…

Please feel free to share and comment. We have 30 students from Leicester University on a field trip today¬† finding out about Coalville and creating Coalville Opoly. If you can help by commenting on the question posed in the attached pics.. or come and play their game for real at 5pm today. Thanks to CEP for the venue and the ‘social eating’ and all the volunteers that have given up their time to help this morning.

Leicester University students visit Coalville

We are supporting students with their 3rd year Geography degrees by hosting a field trip in Coalville!

Base will be set up at CEP Ltd on Market Street where lunch will be provided at CK’s which uses food destined for landfill or surplus to stored requirements… we are hoping it doesn’t snow!

You may see students around the town, asking questions and taking photos or videos… here is an explanation of what they are doing..

Students from the University of Leicester are visiting Coalville and surrounding areas as part of a third-year undergraduate module entitled Critical, symbolic and emotional rural geographies

The fieldtrip is structured around students undertaking a group research project on one of six projects ideas they have been given. These projects are on the following topics: i) farm diversification; ii) mining heritage and rural areas; iii) market town regeneration; iv) place identity; v) the National Forest; and vi) migration and ethnicity.

Students will be working in groups to research one of the projects listed above.

Towards the end of the fieldtrip the students will be creating some videos and a game based on which they have found out during the visit.

Contact Information.

Professor Martin Phillips, School of Geography, Geology and Environment, University of Leicester, Leicester LE1 7RH (Email:; Tel: 0116 2523886)

Together we are Stronger Launch Event

Just arrived… it’s a cold rainy day out there so glad the heaters are on!

Hero Project CIC are really proud to be part of this campaign! We are inviting people to come together to make life size Local Heroes for an exhibition in August 2018 – we are hoping to have at least 50 exhibits and you can contact us to sign up for one! We are also offering some free thinking sessions ( check Eventbrite to find out more)

Little girl here is currently stealing hearts with her gorgeous smile!

Lots of community members here too! If anyone wants to talk today I’m around until 3:45pm!

Call or text 07949243378

Hepworth Wakefield hosts Famous Fifty Exhibition today!

More updates to follow, these are a few photos as they are getting settled in – Deana Wildgoose will be speaking about the exhibition and how it engaged the community later today!

Famous 50 on tour…

Tonight 44 of the Famous 50 are travelling up to Wakefield ready to showcase their amazingness at the Barbara Hepworth Gallery tomorrow as part of the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement’s fourth annual conference. The 6 remaining soldiers are on guard at base camp at Coalville Coop led by platoon leader George Underwood.

Thanks to Stewart Duckworth, Kristiana Groza and the Coop in Coalville for all their help.


And the River Chickens for the loan of the band wagon..

A little bit of data…

We have been asking people what their experience was of our Famous Fifty Exhibition in Nov 2017…

whilst the report isn’t ready yet here a few peeks at the reason why people supported and engaged with the project!

Arts Evolution 2018 – The Mighty Creatives Conference

Listened to some inspiring speakers, especially Wayne Hemingway of Hemingway Design telling his story of what can be achieved if you believe it’s possible! His advice to creative young people – be brave, have a voice, don’t accept the status quo – explore emerging creative zones such as those in Margate & Liverpool ! Other amazing people sharing skills and passion too – I loved my pen with a life of its own…

We also showed the lovely Agnes Baden Powell one of our latest #FFS exhibits! If you’d like to celebrate a fantastic female – we are looking for 50 to form our next exhibition in Coalville – September 2018!

‘Mums’ the word…

A successful evening at the Co-op in Coalville with Thringstone Guides completing their THINK! sessions and bringing their chosen female cutout ‘Mums’.

Kristiana, our young volunteer and THINK engineer did brilliantly presenting the Elephant Story (a planning tool) which the guides then used to plan how Deana could possibly get all 50 soldiers to the Barbara Hepworth Gallery by 8am on Thursday.

Mums will join Agnes Baden Powell in the foyer promoting the Fifty Fantastic Females (#FFS) exhibition which will be on show in September as part of Hello Heritage week.

If anyone, any group, any school or any business would like to have a woman cutout to decorate as part of the exhibition please get in touch. Email Deana at