Shout Out for 1st Nanpantan Scouts

Nanpantan Scouts in need of a hero or two!!

Please see this message – we saw it this morning and thought sharing could possibly help the Scout Hut weatherproof so they can use it over the winter!

I am hoping that somebody can help me. I am a local scout leader and have had some bad news. The roof on our scout hut has been leaking over the bad weather and has been inspected and have been told that the repair bill will be in excess of £15,000. We haven’t got that floating around, so we thought that as a temporary fix we could cover with lorry curtains over the winter until we look into fund raising. Does anybody know of anyone with any curtains we could use ( condition doesn’t matter that much as something is better than what we have at moment ). we are located in the Leicester area, my employer is part of Pallex so could arrange collection through them if further away.We think we might need 4 curtains in total but they might come from different people. We understand that we might need to purchase them but it is cheaper than £15,000. Here’s hoping for a good response.😊

Rob Wilkinson

1st Nanpantan Scouts

We had a Thinking Day…

What’s a Thinking Day, you may be thinking.

It goes a little like this

  • choose the goal
  • check how likely you are to achieving it
  • explore all the possible ways you could get to your goal
  • consider who else might be able to help and why they may want to
  • explore all the possible barriers or obstacles you might have along the way
  • prioritise the possibilities
  • remove or reduce barriers
  • make  plan – your task list
  • define your goal – it might have changed after all this thinking
  • check how likely you are to achieve it now you have completed your thinking
  • share your goal
  • take personal responsibility for getting the results you want

We are lucky in that we use this to help us


Our good friends at Go MAD Thinking gave us lots of training in how to use this and then agreed to support us taking their business tool into schools and communities.

Watch out for when we start offering to show schools and community groups ways they could access our THINK! tools, specially adapted from the business models that so many large organisations use with Go MAD Thinking.

If you are a business reading this and you want to know about the corporate offer direct from Go MAD Thinking you can check them out here








Youth Consultation Maze – Coalville

We welcomed over 100 young people to our event held at Coalville Market Hall, they came along to help us prioritise some local ideas for making Coalville a better place to live, work, learn and play in. This event followed on from the 1000 plus youth consultation survey that we had running in the weeks up to the event. Those young people that replied to the survey wanted to make a difference.

Thoughts, Happenings and Results


Deana and Julia have spent the last 4 days doing lots of thinking! We could possibly have the biggest ever collection of post it notes to prove it!

We have been on a Go MAD Thinking course with some amazing people from lots of different organisations and businesses, discovering and exploring asharing go mad teacher thinking framework, that allows people to make a difference!

If you want to know more check them out Go MAD Thinking

The Hero Project CIC will soon have a series of specific thinking tools designed for work with children and young people, giving them the tools they need to make a difference at home, in school and life choices. Watch this space!mnenja_uporabnikov-1.png

Watch our latest video… Youth Consultation for Coalville

Great big thanks to all the 100 plus young people, parents and supporters who came to our Food for Thought Event.

This event allowed us to share the results of our 1000 plus youth survey! Yes, over 1000 young people responded to our survey. Designed by us and hosted by NWLDC on their survey software.


Youth Consultation – Food for Thought