Hepworth Wakefield hosts Famous Fifty Exhibition today!

More updates to follow, these are a few photos as they are getting settled in – Deana Wildgoose will be speaking about the exhibition and how it engaged the community later today!

Famous 50 on tour…

Tonight 44 of the Famous 50 are travelling up to Wakefield ready to showcase their amazingness at the Barbara Hepworth Gallery tomorrow as part of the National Coordinating Centre for Public Engagement’s fourth annual conference. The 6 remaining soldiers are on guard at base camp at Coalville Coop led by platoon leader George Underwood.

Thanks to Stewart Duckworth, Kristiana Groza and the Coop in Coalville for all their help.


And the River Chickens for the loan of the band wagon..

A little bit of data…

We have been asking people what their experience was of our Famous Fifty Exhibition in Nov 2017…

whilst the report isn’t ready yet here a few peeks at the reason why people supported and engaged with the project!

Arts Evolution 2018 – The Mighty Creatives Conference

Listened to some inspiring speakers, especially Wayne Hemingway of Hemingway Design telling his story of what can be achieved if you believe it’s possible! His advice to creative young people – be brave, have a voice, don’t accept the status quo – explore emerging creative zones such as those in Margate & Liverpool ! Other amazing people sharing skills and passion too – I loved my pen with a life of its own…

We also showed the lovely Agnes Baden Powell one of our latest #FFS exhibits! If you’d like to celebrate a fantastic female – we are looking for 50 to form our next exhibition in Coalville – September 2018!

‘Mums’ the word…

A successful evening at the Co-op in Coalville with Thringstone Guides completing their THINK! sessions and bringing their chosen female cutout ‘Mums’.

Kristiana, our young volunteer and THINK engineer did brilliantly presenting the Elephant Story (a planning tool) which the guides then used to plan how Deana could possibly get all 50 soldiers to the Barbara Hepworth Gallery by 8am on Thursday.

Mums will join Agnes Baden Powell in the foyer promoting the Fifty Fantastic Females (#FFS) exhibition which will be on show in September as part of Hello Heritage week.

If anyone, any group, any school or any business would like to have a woman cutout to decorate as part of the exhibition please get in touch. Email Deana at deana@theheroproject.org.uk




Coalville Guides complete Agnes Baden Powell as part of the new exhibition.. 50 Fantastic Females

So who wants to get involved in creating an army of inspirational women?? There are 50 cut-outs available for groups, schools and businesses to select and design their own woman as part of a new exhibition in Coalville planned for September 2018.

There is plenty of time to decide who you want to celebrate. They can be alive, but they don’t have to be; they can be real or fictional; they can be a theme or an actual person. You decide.

Here’s some piccys of the Coalville guides prepping ‘Agnes’  for her first trip out. She will be in the Co-op entrance in Coalville from next week promoting the exhibition and inviting you to be involved. The guides did lots of THINK! activities too. We were very impressed with what they achieved.  Thanks to all for making us feel welcome.

Send an email to. Deana@theheroproject.org.uk to request the full invitation including where you can apply for some funding towards  your project.









Making a Difference with young people

Newbridge High School learners, Stephenson’s College electrical apprentices. All experienced the pilot THINK! Tools today. Thanks to Go Make A Difference Charity and LCC funding.. Looking forward to getting feedback of what could be improved and what works.. We even managed some penracing round an electrical circuit.. Well done to all.

Newcastle Local Heroes Exhibition what support is on offer to community groups?

When we were asked to come to Newcastle to share our story and the learning tools we have developed over the last 18 months we were both excited and apprehensive.

At Hero HQ we are very aware of how hard it can be to be invited to take part in something that has great possibilities; the problems being that there is often no financial support available to take part, there is very little spare time to do personal development work and there is always a long to do list waiting for your attention. There may be many more you could add in…

So we did some thinking of our own and we’d like to explain about the support we can offer those groups and individuals taking part in the Newcastle Local Heroes Exhibition.

We can offer

  • bespoke ‘community influencer’ sessions where we will explore the thinking tools with your staff and or volunteers working in the community [dates to be agreed]
  • bespoke ‘education influencer’ sessions where we will explore the thinking tools with staff and or volunteers working with young people [dates to be agreed]
  • open ‘community influencer’ where we will explore each of the thinking tools, give time to practice and ask questions in a mixed group [via Eventbrite]
  • folder, workbook and task sheets for the Thinking Sessions
  • email summary of session delivered with links to useful further reading
  • life size cut-out for your local hero exhibit [more than one may be available]
  • ‘maker session’ with basic materials to decorate a local hero cut-out at your venue

We could make it easier to get involved by offering to

  • come to your local community venue
  • come on  a day you have space in your diary
  • fit in with your availability –  morning, afternoon, evening  meeting
  • bespoke our visit to fill the time you have available

We could also pay you preferred local

  •  community venue for room hire to deliver the sessions in
  • supplier for participant refreshments taken during sessions

Extra help could be provided with

  • reimbursement of transport costs [*fair use policy applies]

Interested in joining in then please let us know

Image shown from the YMCA recent HLF funded ‘local heroes’ project.







Newcastle community leaders tied up…

Lots of participation today when community leaders did some thinking with us! We challenged them to escape the ropes we had invited them to wear! Lots of helpful and hindering thoughts and conversations, great way to introduce one of our thinking tools! We also did some pen-racing and origami! We hope that these leaders will engage with us to launch and support the Local Heroes Exhibition! img_1831.jpgimg_1824.jpgimg_1822.jpg

Princes Trust – Newcastle learn the essential art of pen racing

We had an invitation to the team Buzz meeting this morning!

We hope that they enjoyed our presentation and pen racing! We look forwards to working with them and their amazing young people in the coming months!