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Stephenson's College Job Fair 28 October 2016 | The Hero Project CIC

We were talking to some really great people on Friday 28 October 2016 at Stephenson’s College Job Fair. The Job Fair had lots to offer visitors, local employers with jobs to offer or potential apprenticeships, all different careers on offer. Julia and  Deana form The Hero Project CIC were there to promote Coalville Heroes activities and opportunities in and around Coalville, they launched a few days early the November Challenge… what could you do with £10, £500 or £10k to improve your community and who could benefit from your idea if it happened. We had lots of great suggestions and her are a few of them. £10 or free ideas

  •  Random Acts of Kindness could make people smile
  • Plant a few flowers in a pot could make people smile
  • Buy bird seed to attract wild birds would be nice to watch
  • Buy some bin liners and litter pick could make area look nicer for people
  • Donate some food to local foodbank to help someone in need
  • Use empty shops to display local kid’s artwork
  • Buy Wilko’s reduced price seeds and donate to a seed bank for community to use to grow things
             £500 ideas
  •  Start a weekend kids club for children with disabilities so they could do weekend things like other children
  • Improvements to Ravenstone Play Area
  • Saturday morning ‘outings’ for kids to go places not on public transport
  • Create a ‘dog free zone’ in Whitwick Park could make spaces safe for play
  • Host a free community concert could give everyone a family night out
  • Training to learn how to run a community food outlet / trailer
             £10k ideas
  • Activity Club for kids could give them things to do / get outside
  • Investigate idea of linking Coalville train line to other heritage lines
  • Attract people to open more shops in town would offer more choice then