Mock Interviews -exciting times!

It was a real pleasure to meet the pupils of King Edward VII College in Coalville on 1 March 2017. Deana and Julia, took part in the ‘mock interview’ day, they saw just how much talent and passion there is in young people, some with clear cut career paths already in place, others taking their time to see what develops! lgi01a201310230300

It was memorable to see “the smiles on the faces of those students who particularly lack confidence and have overcome this as a result of their interviews. Volunteering your time at events such as this makes a colossal difference to the lives of young people. You have widened their horizons, raised their aspirations, improved their confidence and made them smile. Your hard work has literally changed the lives of the young people you interacted with; neither we nor they can possibly thank you enough!”

Alice Wealleans, Senior Leader for Employability

Deana and Julia are in the great position to offer young people the chance to get meaningful community based volunteering opportunities in Coalville. Why not get in touch and see how you can be part of our team of Coalville Heroes!

Shire Grant success…

We are really happy to announce that following a Leicestershire County Council Shire Grant application submitted last month… We have heard we were awarded £9000 for our #growlocal & #eatsocial project which we will deliver in Coalville and the surrounding area.

More information to follow…

Goldilocks… in Coalville?

The #growlocal team were having a chat about creating a destination for families where the importance of being outdoors, growing fresh local products and learning new skills could be shared in a fun way. Imagine fruit and vegetables growing in a public space, where you can show children the growing cycle, how sunshine and rain affects plants and the best part when you can harvest and taste what’s been growing!

We were talking about having some raised beds for children and families to enjoy and learn about plants; one thing led to another and we then hit upon this idea that we could have three raised beds one for baby bear, mummy bear and daddy bear!

Suggestions came think and fast after this idea and we now think we have a site that is passed by quite a lot of children in the centre of Coalville! Should we consider doing this as a fun, interactive, learning and playing facility that would be free to access?

Here are a few images that inspired us, possibly planting the ‘bedspreads’ with ground cover plants that can be walked on / laid on [we reckon they may become a selfie destination] perhaps some chainsaw bears hiding amongst the trees; and of course there has to be three chairs to try and the famous ‘porridge’ made in a super outdoor kitchen!

Please comment or message us if you think this is a good idea for Coalville!

Coalville Colour Run success

14316912_1207704292605741_6992268045803894627_nThese two colour runners still had enough energy to come over to see us on the stand and do a bit of creative artwork on our Art Trailer.

It was a great success for Coalville and the people that took part were awarded medals, it may have taken a while to get clean though!

Thank you to those that stopped by our stand, it was great to do the mini dig, play hangman and pen race with you all.

Don’t forget you can keep up with us by joining our contact list – just see the contacts page!

Coalville Musical Theatre School Perform at Century Theatre Takeover

On Thursday 1st Sep the Coalville Musical Theatre School performed their very own version of Living On A Prayer – Coalville Market style! It was awesome – after performing it in the Market last week they got to do it on the stage at Coalvilles very own theatre. Hopefully they are going to create a Century Theatre version next – looking forward to it!


Woodstock @ Whitwick

Great to see so many people at Woodstock at Whitwick yesterday. Thanks to Big Rock Promotions for all their efforts.  We played giant jigsaws, Coalville pen racing and hangman on the Filigi (find it live it give it) and Hero Project stall.  Met some fabulous people who want to come along to our Thursday night at the Coalville cinema events and join in next week at a gardening and art project. It’s all go!

Parental consent and side letter attached. For those wanting to come along next week please complete and send to


parental consent side letter 2016

Parent consent form 12+ 2016