Designs on Community

Julia and Deana are simultaneously able to research bigger pictures and perspectives to inspire and feed the lives of local youngsters whilst at the same time being practical and realistic and more than happy to roll their sleeves up at the coalface to deliver appropriate programme.
It would be a privilege to be able to support Julia and Deana’s vision in Coalville in a more concrete fashion by providing them with remodelled, rejuvenated or even new facilities to give youth projects the prospects and opportunities that youngsters need in life in the up and coming decades of social engagement, purpose, training, employment and creative expression.


Wendy J

Wendy James A partner at Garber & James – an architectural practice internationally recognised as expert in the Museum sector. Wendy is the concept initiator of a national project – ‘My Primary School is at the Museum’ project alongside Kings College London and the Museums Association and the design manager for the major Tate Modern extension. Garber & James specialises in museums, education, culture, community and heritage mostly in the public sector, very often with diverse stakeholders including individuals.

“having visited Coalville we could immediately see the scope and need to join up characterful heritage buildings and urban-scape into a relevant, impactful and contemporary fabric that will inspire all ages and provide ways for the whole Coalville community to participate including young people”