Pride in my Community

I have lived and worked in Coalville for 25yrs. I work at the Coalville Job Centre. I am very keen to support young people into work and empower them to create their future. I have an interest in local and family history and met Deana through history pages on Face Book! Our paths crossed again whilst Deana was supporting a young person and had attended the Job centre with her. Deana left the building, promptly came back in again as she ‘twigged’ where she had seen my face before! Introductions were made followed by an invite to come and see the work of The Hero Project and the Coalville Heroes.

KaranSKaran Sheffield
I have tremendous admiration for both Julia and Deana and their talent in keeping so many fantastic initiatives on track at the same time! I am a regular attendee at the Thursday evening sessions and have enjoyed Junk Drumming, helping with craft projects, assisting with development of a presentation to the Council/ local employers and promoting the project through Face Book and Twitter. The current WW1 local history project has really captured the imagination of young and old, both locally and further afield. It’s going to be fantastic! Coalville Heroes is fantastic!!