Thinking is helping me change my life

K Kristiana Groza

I grew up in Coalville after living in Latvia up until the age of 8. I went to Broomleys school for a year then moved through to Castle Rock and King Edward VII. I struggled to cope with mainstream education and went through some difficult times. Eventually I found an alternative provision that supported my needs and I began volunteering through an Art Council funded project that Deana was involved in.
I have volunteered for the Hero Project since starting in Coalville. In the summer of 2017 I led the team working with the local nursery group and designed and delivered my own activities supporting other volunteers. My volunteering has led to opportunities to work in two local schools on a regular basis supporting a class and I have delivered creative workshops both in schools and with the public. I have had the opportunity to get understand the GO Mad Thinking Framework. This has helped me make decisions and choices. I have shared it with others and would like to be involved in the development of this area of the work of the Hero Project as I believe it has the potential to help other young people and adults.