Thinking with The Hero Project CIC

Deana and Julia have taken the principles of the Go MAD framework and are in the process of developing new ways for children and young people to really engage in ‘thinking’ activities.
‘’having spent time with them both, I realise that they are both enthusiastic individuals with very different skill sets, that when added together, make a great team, focussed on making a difference’’

Andy Gilbert Developer of a widely acclaimed Solution Focused Thinking System used worldwide by major corporations and hundreds of thousands of people in over 40 coAndy Guntries. Over 15 years’ experience in studying peak performance and specifically how people think when they Make A Difference.
Author of over 20 books (including the bestselling “Go MAD – The Art of Making A Difference”, “Go MAD about Coaching” and over 200 audio/video programmes.
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20 years consulting and leadership training experience in over 30 countries. Winner of Entrepreneur of the Year 2009 in Leicestershire Business Awards