THINK Influencer Package

What is an Influencer Package?

If you have a group of people that would benefit from exploring their individual and /or collective thinking; to identify ideas and solve problems together. You might choose this package. Ideally, we like a full day with around 12 people, although we can work with smaller or larger groups.
Step One – what do you want to THINK! About? Before we deliver an Influencer Package, we like to get to know more about what you are hoping to achieve and what your outcomes might be. We would work with you to design the agenda and timetable that fits in with the time your people have available.
Step Two – before you invite your people to the Influencer Day!
We think it is important to let people know that we are ‘tool sharers’ and we help with different ways to THINK! – we most certainly don’t tell people what to think or that their current thinking isn’t right! We provide tools and our experiences to stimulate their thinking.
Step Three – The Invitation
Getting your people to buy into the Influencer Day means that they will arrive ready to THINK!, they will get the chance to use our tools in a supportive group and practice using them.
Step Four – The Influencer Day
We offer a mix of thinking theory, creative making and tools practice time, plus access to all our online resources. We will direct people’s thinking towards your chosen area or issue or if you prefer their own issues. All the flipcharts created during the session are part of the outcomes and your group will keep them.
Step Five – Feedback
We like to take feedback from people attending our sessions and these allow us to do more of what works well and improve what might be better.

For full details please see Influencer Day Package 

Cost for a Full Day is £1500 plus VAT37691218_1904889119553918_1565396299560255488_n