THINK! Tools

The Hero Project CIC has been working in collaboration with Go Make a Difference and Go MAD Thinking to develop THINK! tools to share with adults and young people.

Thanks to funding from Leicestershire County Council, and the Home Office as part of the Building a Stronger Britain campaign we have been able to provide taster activities and share some of these THINK! Tools in the Coalville area and in Newcastle.

We are really pleased how the tools are being received and welcome suggestions on tools that are needed and on improvements we can make. We are developing tools as we go and have uploaded some on here so the people that have had one of our sessions can access them easily and for free.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you would like to know when and how you can access the training that accompanies the tools.

Download your free THINK! Tools here:

Please email or call with any comments and suggestions – let us know when you have used them successfully – and what tools are missing!!


THINK Resource front cover



THINK Resource What Could I Say Ask Remember Imagine



THINK Resource Making The What Could I Bird

THINK Resource What Could I Say Ask Remember Imagine

Theory – THE THINK!NG FRAMEWORK & diagnostic & coach

THINK Framework

THINK Resource Will you do it framework diagnostic

THINK Resource Guided coach session

Setting Goals

THINK Resource The Internal Triangle

THINK Resource Umbrella Goals


Elephant Story and Planning TOOLS

THINK Resource The Elephant Story Pics

THINK Resource The Elephant Story Planning Tool WORDS only

THINK Resource Involving Others

THINK Resource Involve Others Action plan tool

THINK Resource obstacle and risks Action plan tool

Possibility THINK!ng Tools

THINK Resource Key Issues and 20 questions

THINK Resource Creative Possibilities


THINK Resource Consequences Tool

THINK Resource Personal Responsibility Pyramid

THINK Resource Question Generator

THINK Resource The TIME planner


THINK! Resource The FOUR N’s


Here are some images of our ‘THINK!ers – young people and adults who have taken part in our ‘thinking activities’ either in Leicestershire or Newcastle and Gateshead.

These have included on 22 February 2018 the Coalville and area Guides taking part in World Thinking Day celebrations where 10m girls involved in the Guiding Movement took time to make an IMPACT; through our funded visits to local schools and colleges; and through the creation of the Geordie Hero exhibition.

We have introduced a range of fun ways to stimulate thinking and generate different ways to achieve goals! Our very popular ‘What Could I Bird’ is a big hit – its favourite words are who, why, what…

Results so far have been ‘thought provoking’ one teenager said to us ‘this is a secret that not everyone deserves’ made our day he valued it so much – we did explain that sharing is very important too!