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Your Challenges | The Hero Project CIC

Your Challenges


We all face many different types of challenge in all of our lives. For many of these we are well equipped to meet them. There are some challenges where a little more thought and a new perspective may help. We can introduce you to tools which are proven to work and which you will find useful. 


What is Your Challenge?


Our tools can help meet your challenge. Do you have to fix something, achieve a goal, solve a problem or would like to explore some new possibilities?

We have listed some of the more common challenges we work with. If your challenge is not there do get in touch and we would be happy to share our TH!NK toolkit.

Want To Take Control

We share TH!NK Tools to help people take control of their lives. We all have choices, these tools give you the chance to make the choices that will help you, your families and communities make a positive difference.

Find out more on How To Take Control

Release Your Creativity

Do you need to be more creative? Struggling for inspiration or finding it difficult to get out of a rut and unleash your creativity? Developing and releasing your creativity can be hard work when you don’t know how.

Find out more on Releasing Your Creativity

Encourage Independent TH!NKing

Our TH!NK Tools help people with their TH!NKing and give them confidence to make decisions for them selves. Tried and tested business tools are converted to accessible and fun tools for all ages.

Find out more about Encourage Independent TH!NKing

Harness Strengths In Your Community

We offer workshops and tools that value the strengths that people have and focus on solutions and helpful actions.

Find out more about Harness Strengths in Your Community

Grow Your Impact

We have developed a universal evaluation tool which we are happy to share. We are interested in empowering people to make an impact for themselves and In their communities

Find out more about Growing Your Impact

Creative Problem Solving

There may be many more ways to solve a problem, but often we don’t take time look for them.

Find out more about Creative Problem Solving